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Welcome! We are very excited to dedicate a section of the AA website to celebrate various achievements within the Division. There are so many amazing things going on at Chico State, and below you will find a sampling of these outstanding achievements. We would love to hear from you about what's going on in your area! If you would like to notify us about something noteworthy, please email us at

for May 2024

Students celebrate graduating from Chico State

First of all, we'd like to send a hearty congratulations to all of our Wildcats who graduated from Chico State this year. Commencement was a wonderful experience and we wish you all the best as you continue your individual journeys. Go Wildcats!

We'd also like to congratulate our faculty and staff who received awards this year:

2023-24 Lantis Endowed University Chairs: Hannah Burdette (LANC), Christine Leistner (PHHA), Jackson Webster (CIVL)
2023-24 Outstanding Professor Award: Ben Seipel (EDUC)
2023-24 Outstanding Teacher Award: Lisa Kendhammer (CHEM)
2023-24 Outstanding Lecturer Award: Beth Shook (ANTH)
2023-24 Outstanding Early Career Award: Layne Case (KINE)
2023-24 Outstanding Academic Advisor Award: Michell Armeanu (SOCI)
2023-24 Outstanding Faculty Leader Award: Peter Kittle (ENGL)
2023-24 Outstanding Research Mentor Award: Kristen Gorman (BIOL)
2023-24 Outstanding Lecturer in Bringing the Profession to the Classroom Award: Theresa Manley (CHLD)
2023-24 Professional Achievement Honors: Tatevik Avetisyan Artoonian (AGR), Matthew Meuter (MKTG), Emily Fleming-Nuester (BIOL), Lindsey Nenadal (CHLD)
2023-24 Civically Engaged Scholars: Kathryn Mercurio (MKTG), William Nitzky (ANTH), Kristen Kaczymski (ERTH)
2023-24 Early Career Community Engagement Awards: Stephanie Machado (PHHA), Lindsey Nenadal (CHLD), Sangmin Lee (ARTS), Gloria Lopez (HIST)
2023-24 Conversations on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Awards: Gabby Medina-Falzone (Walk the Line Award, MCGS), Bretton Varga (Taking it to the Classroom Award, EDUC), Josie Blagrave (Pulling Us Together Award, KINE), Susan Frawley (Lifetime Achievement Award, MCGS), John Roussell (Lifetime Achievement Award, MADT)
2023-24 International Wildcat Outstanding Faculty Award: Keiko Goto (NFSC)
2023 Joy of Learning Presenters: Thomas Henderson (AGR), Martin van den Berg (PSYC), Jaebong Son (ISFA), Jesse Engebretson (RHPM), Zahrasadat Alavi (EECE), Gloria Lopez (HIST), Joseph Pechkis (PHYS), Hyewon Pechkis (PHYS), Michelle Mussuto (LRIO), Stefani Baldivia (LRIO), Kim Jaxon (UED/ENGL)

2023 Wildcat Spirit Award:
Snow Sun (IEGE)
2023 Making a Difference Award:
Micah Lehner (GRAD)
2023-24 Conversations on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Awards:
Heather Quicili (Pulling Us Together Award, PCE)
'Cats Caught Being Awesome for 2023-24: Shawn Brackett (CME, 10/23), Sarah Lehner (GRAD, 12/23), Candice Sawyer (NURS, 01/24), Jennifer Aceves (ECC, 02/24)

We will return with more achievements in September!