Campus Alcohol & Drug Education Center

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Attention First Time Freshmen! Mandatory AlcoholEDU Program

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Floating Tips

Breaking the law? What it can cost:

  • Violating Alcohol Ban - $380

  • Minor in Possession - $370

  • Open Container - $125

  • Public Intoxication - $250

  • Urinating in Public - $480

  • Littering - $1,000

  • Driving Under the Influence - $1,600

                    Grand Total= $4,205

Will you be floating? Here are some safety tips:

  1. Do NOT invite your friends into town. More people = More problems

  2. Do NOT tie your tube to your body or other tubes

  3. Do NOT litter! Fines can be up to $1,000

  4. Make sure your tube is in good condition so that it can finish the trip

  5. Apply sunscreen before hitting the water and BRING IT WITH YOU

  6. Bring plenty of water to help avoid dehydration

  7. Possession + Consumption of alcohol on the river and its banks are illegal

  8. Glass containers of any kind are prohibited

  9. If you choose to drink, be aware that alcohol can increase your risk of hypothermia and reduce your swimming ability

  10. Plan for a safe ride home so you don't have to walk after dark