Facilities Reservations

Facilities Reservations reserves all campus lecture rooms as well as some specialty-use rooms.  Event planners can use this page as a tool through which cost, location, and service needs can be explored in the planning of any event to take place on the Chico State campus. Please browse around this website to explore the numerous space/room options, services, and service centers available on campus.

FRES Website – Important Dates & Deadline Information


March 7th, 2014 is the deadline to submit Multiday Summer Program requests. This does not include single day requests or meetings, only multiday programs.

  • You do not need to resubmit Multiday Summer Programs or any other Summer 2014 requests that have already been submitted. We are working on scheduling all programs now.

April 1st, 2014 is the deadline to submit Equipment Requests (FERFs) for all events scheduled from April 21st – May 22nd

  • Any equipment requests after April 1st will not be accepted, this includes changes to current equipment requests
  • Equipment quantities are limited. Please submit for specific equipment needs not wants.

FRES news update: 

Facilities Reservations is now able to schedule State Funded Campus Groups (No AUX or External) in Colusa Hall during normal campus business hours. Campus hours are from 7am – 10pm Monday through Thursday and 7am – 5pm on Fridays.

Contact Facilities Reservations at fres@csuchico.edu.


Facilities Reservations Process

Pre-Request Information Form imageDue to the high volume of requests, FRES has implemented a MANDATORY preliminary step into the Facilities Reservations process. 


Astra Schedule VII is now LIVE!!

With the new Astra Schedule, everyone can see what is happening!* Users are automatically given Guest access to view the calendars for both General Use Conference and Lecture Rooms simply by clicking this link