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Astra Schedule

All on-campus users have view access of the General Use Conference and Lecture Room Calendars by clicking the link above.

Please note that Astra can only be accessed using on-campus computers. Refer to ITSS for VPN information on accessing the application from off-campus.

Room Search & Scheduling Application

Astra Schedule is a web-based, enterprise-class scheduling and calendaring system that coordinates rooms for all classes, final exams, and events.

Astra is the software application used to search for and/or book available rooms for campus classes and events.

All faculty and staff have access (when connected to an on-campus computer) to the Guest View of Astra Schedule which includes all general use conference and lecture rooms.

Security Access

To request an Astra Schedule account with more permisssions, please submit a Security Request ticket through the ITSS system:

Astra Security Request

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