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About the University Catalog

The University Catalog is an online publication created and maintained by Academic Publications and Scheduling Services. The University Catalog is the source for authoritative information regarding academic program requirements. See the University Catalog Mission Statement.

It is published on a yearly cycle. The catalog's publication cycle is closely tied to the university's academic planning cycle, see The 2011+ University Catalog Publication and Academic Planning Cycle.

APSS works with nearly every university department to:

  • create*, revise or omit catalog content,
  • ensure its visual representation upholds university web standards, and
  • maintain American Disabilities Act accessibility as well as 508 compliance

NOTE: New Catalog Editor Communication Policy effective July 1, 2013. See Catalog Editor Communication Policy.

The University Catalog acts as the academic guide for each individual student. It delineates university academic standards—

  • academic divisions,
  • academic degree programs,
  • academic course information,
  • requirements for obtaining a degree, and
  • CSU system mandated content copy**

—as well as university values—

  • community service,
  • sustainability, and
  • the primacy of learning.

* Content created for the University Catalog should conform to the University Writing Style Guide.

**The University Catalog contains the California State University system polices and regulations such as the student code of conduct, as well as policies on non-discrimination, immunization and determination of residency.

Election of graduation requirements and your catalog rights

As long as you maintain continuous attendance at CSU, Chico, or a combination of CSU campuses and California Community Colleges (CCC), your catalog rights are protected.

Catalog Rights

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