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University Catalog Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The University Catalog is a gateway—an interactive tool—through which potential students and their families as well as members of both, the local and world communities, gain an initial exposure to California State University, Chico (Chico State).  The ultimate goal is to create a catalog that also serves as a recruiting tool for academic departments, allowing them to highlight empowering examples including:

  • work done by current undergraduate and graduate level students;
  • programs established by or involving department alumni;
  • influential, student-run academic programming and events; and
  • successful partnerships with the local, community organizations.

Along with degree requirement information, explanations of facilities, and faculty lists, the catalog also provides ALL of the courses offered by each academic department, department locations, and contact information, as well as exciting departmental photos of students in action.

Mission Statement

By providing authoritative information on policies, rules, regulations, and expected conduct directly from the CSU system Chancellor’s Office as well as terminal degree requirements, the University Catalog also provides snippets of articles from various on-campus publications highlighting the successes of students within each academic department.  Users gain a more complete picture of Chico State and the resources for success that this beautiful campus offers. 

The University Catalog plans to accomplish several smaller goals (over time) to build a product that functions in a way the set forth by the vision ideas and ideals (above).  These include:

  • Working more closely with the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC)  and the Office of Accessible Technology and Services (OATS) to maintain compliance to Section 508 of the American Disabilities Act.
  • Working with Creative Media and Technology (CMT) to create, manage, and maintain a mobile catalog website display that automatically formats to fit the users screen/device.
  • Continuing to annually, enter mandatory copy supplied by the CSU Chancellor’s Office regarding changes to previous cost estimates, rules, policies, other governing regulations, as well as the governing hierarchy.
  • Using “new” content provided by the Office of Public Affairs' various publications (Chico StatementsExperience Excellence; and Inside Chico State, etc.) to create dynamic content for catalog homepage.
  • Add additional content (articles, stories, updates) to academic department program page information in catalog, supplied by development officers from each college).
  • Work with Applications and Data Services (ADS) to create links on academic faculty pages to the Faculty Expert Database.