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Faculty Workload

The faculty workload report shows all faculty assignments for the semester, all classes, and all assigned release times.

The faculty workload report is required by the Chancellors Office each semester, as well as any summer and January intersession terms that have state-supported classes.  The report is done at the beginning of each semester; the due dates for each semester are posted below.

The faculty workload report is public information and is posted on the Chancellor’s Office website(opens in new window). The site provides information about each CSU campus as well as a system-wide summary. Information provided includes FTES and FTEF (full-time equivalent student and faculty data), SFR (student to faculty ratio) and average class size. The report is also used by the Chancellor’s Office to help determine if there is a need for additional classrooms.

Due Dates & Supplemental Information

Reports and Forms

Workload Excess/Short Documentation Form is no longer used.  Instead depts and colleges will receive a Contract Variance Report each semester listing all instructors that have a contract variance for the semester.