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Catalog Editor Communication Policy

University Catalog

Effective July 1, 2013, for all academic departments, official communication between department catalog copy editors and the catalog editor, will be directly with only two department personnel; the department chair and administrative support coordinator (as listed in the directory) or a chair-appointed designee. All official communication regarding the revision process for the University Catalog will happen between the catalog editor and either one of these two personnel.


As an amendment to the new Catalog Editor Communication Policy:

At the college level, the primary communication contact personnel will consist of only the college dean and administrative analyst/specialist (as listed in the Campus Directory) or a dean-appointed designee.

For non-academic departments, the primary communication contact personnel will consist of only the highest rank staff member (i.e., vice president, provost, registrar, director, etc.) along with either an administrative support coordinator, administrative analyst/specialist, or designee.

This amendment has a backdated effective date of July 1, 2013.