Facilities Reservations & Event Services

Astra Training for Events

Getting Started In Astra

Use this page to help familiarize yourself with event related activities in Astra. There are step-by-step instructions as well as videos to assist you in navigating the calendar views and making event requests.

Calendar View

Use the menu to select from various calendar views, depending on the user's access. General Use Conference and Lecture Room calendars are accessible to Guest Users.

Astra Calendar Selection

Event Request Forms

Click on the Events tab and select Request Event. Select the appropriate request form based on the room you wish to reserve. 

 Event Request Forms

Training Tools

Training Guides

Basic Reservation Step-by-Step Instructions
Quick Guide Reference
Adding Resources

Training Videos

Basic Reservation Request

Request A Training
Feel like you could use some additional help? Contact fres@csuchico.edu to sign up for one of our trainings.
Request Astra Access
Additional access to special use spaces may be requested with supervisor approval by submitting a ticket to Astra Security(opens in new window).