Facilities Reservations & Event Services

Facilities Use & Charge Process

Space is an important university resource and its use impacts us all, including our community.

Executive Order 1000 (EO-1000) is a CSU system-wide policy regarding fiscal oversight of state resources, which includes use of campus facilities. Executive Memorandum 20-018 (PDF) (EM 20-018) is a campus policy regarding facilities allocation and use. These two documents are the guiding principles that Chico State uses to manage space, its use, and any possible charges that may result from that use.

Chico State is committed to sustainable policies and practices that reduce the campus ecological footprint.  In fact, Chico State is committed to being climate neutral by 2030!  To support these sustainable practices, the campus strives to condense users into as few buildings as possible during low-use hours.  Although users may have a preference for a particular room or building, Facilities Reservations may assign rooms as part of the greater campus commitment to reduce energy use.  In addition, certain facilities are restricted for event scheduling to promote sustainable use of campus space.  Refer to the Sustainability webpage for additional information. 

With much collaboration, Chico State has recently reviewed and revised the campus implementation of EO-1000 in relation to facilities use charges. The changes are effective fall 2017 and additional information is available at the links below.