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Vacant Positions - Steps to Fill a Position

The first step in filling an open position, regardless of whether the position is vacant or being newly created, is to have the position description finalized by Classification & Compensation Services.  To do this, the hiring manager (or designee) must provide enough information about the job in order for Classification & Compensation to review the position.

The following documents will provide Classification & Compensation with the information required:

  1. Position Description
    Use one of these templates to draft a position description:
  2. Physical Requirements & Work Environment (PDF)
  3. Required Training Checklist (PDF)
  4. Organizational Chart of your department which shows the vacant or new position

Once the forms have been completed, email these electronic forms to  Send the actual electronic forms (not scanned copies) as we will work from these documents to prepare the final position description.

The hiring manager will be sent an email with the final draft of the position description (and other documents).  The manager must approve the finalized draft before it can be forwarded to Employment Services for posting preparation.

After the position description is finalized, Employment Services will contact you to guide you through the next steps in the recruitment process.   The Recruitment & Selection Guidelines provides an outline of the process.  Employment Services can be contacted at either extension 5120 or

Note: Allow lead time any newly created positions. Classification of the position may take some time.  If this is a new Information Technology (IT) position, it must be reviewed by the campus IT committee.

Temporary Assignment of Duties (within the Same Departmental Unit)

Temporary Assignment, for classification purposes, is defined as the assignment of new duties within the same departmental unit to an incumbent’s position for a short duration to meet temporary organizational needs. This commonly is done when another position is vacant, for example, as a result of a Leave of Absence or retirement, and duties assigned to that position require coverage.

Each situation will be reviewed for the appropriate classification/skill level and salary level. Employees should be informed that the adding of a temporary assignment may or may not result in a temporary reclassification/skill level change. In some instances the duties temporarily assigned are at the same level of difficulty leading to no change to the classification/skill level. The appropriateness of such an action must first be submitted in writing to Classification and Compensation Services who will assess the level and complexity of the newly assigned duties and determine and notify the department if a temporary action is appropriate. (Appropriate bargaining unit contract stipulations and deadlines must be applied where required; see the appropriate contract.)

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