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Helpful Resources and Tips

On Campus Resources Available:

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Check out the new Green Book 2015 for connections to sustainability groups and projects going on at CSU, Chico. Your guide to getting involved!




Is your office doing all it can to help save energy and the planet? Have our group of consultants come to your office to perform an audit for FREE! Contact our SCOOP website or connect with them directly via e-mail at and request your personal audit today.

Free office and school supplies available at the Sustainability Collaborative Office (BMU 301) you will find bookshelves of FREE reuse school and office supplies, books, dishes and more. Feel free to bring in any of your extra school/office supplies and remember to only take what you can use.

Want to learn how to compost? Visit the Compost Display Area (CDA) during open hours or view the schedule to attend a free weekend workshop.

We have a variety of environmental films available for loan for educational purposes. Click here to see a list of films available. To check out a film contact The Institute for Sustainable Development at (530) 898-3333.

AS Sustainability also has films available for educational purposes and you can contact them directly at 898-6677 or visit their office in BMU 301. (see video list)

Have you ever wondered what some of the terms mean relating to sustainability issues? See our helpful Eco-Matrix and get some of the answers you may have been looking for.

Want to know which fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residues? Download EWG's pocket guide for a full list.

Other Resources:

In a North State Garden, writer Jennifer Jewell, provides an amazing gardening resource on her website at where you can find information on just about anything related to gardening in the North State.

What can you do to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions? Visit the US EPA web site and find helpful tips and calculators. Personal Emissions Calculator - US EPA's calculation tool to help you reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take action!

Want to measure your ecological footprint? Visit the Redefining Progress web site to measure yours.

What can you do to help undo global warming? The Environmental Defense Fund has some helpful tips you can use every day to help make a difference. Also download their booklet of tips (pdf) for even more strategies!