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Second Year Success

Don't fall into the "sophomore slump"

The sophomore slump is a phase students often go through following their first year of college. Students often feel a sense of apathy and lack of enthusiasm towards school. The excitement of freshman year has worn off, yet graduation seems so far away.

Rise above the slump and follow these tips:

  1. Don't be stuck in college forever. Make sure you're on track for graduation using the Degree Progress Report (DPR).
  2. Purchase all the supplies needed for your classes. Check out the Chico State Wildcat Store
  3. Set up an Academic Advising appointment.
  4. Get involved on campus. Check out all the recognized clubs and organizations.
  5. Get excited about your future! Visit the Career Center to craft a great resume and find a fantastic internship.  
  6. Explore different learning opportunities. Check out the Study Abroad office. 
  7. Maintain a healthy body at the WREC Center. 
  8. Stay stress free. Make an appointment with the Counseling Center. 
  9. Choose the major for your personality. Take this career assessment.