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How to Be an Antiracist: Reading Lists

Antiracist reading lists abound in 2020, but Lauren Michele Jackson offers an important reflection about the purpose and utility of antiracist reading lists. 

For websites concerning antiracism, see the complete list of websites sited by Kendi in How to Be an Antiracist.

Chico State's Meriam Library has a large selection of antiracism books.  The following two lists, divided into books on the shelves and ebooks, is drawn from Meriam Library books with the Library of Congress "Anti-racism" subject, as well as recommendations from Chico State students, faculty, staff, and community.  If you have a recommendation to add to either list, please email

Resources to Suggest?
To add a reading list to this website, submit your recommended antiracism reading list (including thematic or discipline-specific reading lists) to
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