College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Dr. Brian Brazeal

Event held on December 4, 2017
Keynote Speaker, Dr. Brian Brazeal

The Wealth of Sinners:  Violence and Virtue in the Global Emerald Trade

The colloquium was held in the BMU Auditorium on Monday, December 4.

The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Faculty Colloquium Series congratulates Dr. Brian Brazeal, Department of Anthropology, for being selected as this year’s honored scholar and keynote speaker. Dr. Brazeal's speech is titled “The Wealth of Sinners: Violence and Virtue in the Global Emerald Trade” and his extensive research, numerous publications, and film documentary on the emerald trade guarantee an engaging and informative keynote address. 

Dr. Brazeal joined the Anthropology Department in the Fall of 2007, and since then has distinguished himself in many ways.  As an expert in visual anthropology (and the Director of ALVA), he has directed or produced critically acclaimed documentaries, authored numerous articles and reviews, and regularly presents at academic conferences, all while  a wide variety of courses.  Additionally, he has been recognized by the university with the Outstanding Research Mentor Award (2016-17), and the Professional Achievement Honor (2017).

In nominating Dr. Brazeal as the Colloquium Speaker, Chair of the Anthropology Department Dr. Jesse Dizard highlighted his many accomplishments, including the fact that: “Brian has distinguished himself as a pioneer in the methodological tools of ethnographic research. The Advanced Laboratory for Visual Anthropology that he directs is an internationally renowned facility, unique in its ability to offer students access to and training with cutting edge digital film equipment. And Brian has enabled students and faculty alike to produce award winning documentary films that have been screened at venues across CSU Chico’s service area, the state of California and the nation.”

Please join the dean's office in congratulating Dr. Brazeal.

Dr. Brazeal poster

2016 Keynote Speaker