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Faculty Events

 Informational flier with Faculty presentation schedule for spring 2024

BSS Faculty Brown Bag Series Schedule - Spring 2024
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM     Butte Hall, Room 209
DateFaculty PresenterTitle
4/19/24Danielle Hidalgo, Department of Sociology"Dance Music Reckonings: Authenticity, Whiteness, and Toxic Masculinity"

 Bring your lunch and curiosity - cookies and content will be supplied

Past BSS Faculty Brown Bag Series Presentations
DateFaculty PresenterTitle
10/20/23Dr. Anne-Marie Snider, Sociology Department"ASMR: What I'm Hearing About It"
11/3/23Dr. Kwadwo Boakye, Department of Public Health and Health Administration"Time-Activity Patterns and Built Environmental Exposures: is Residential Address Enough?"
12/1/23Dr. Martín Jacinto, Sociology Department"The Structures of the World Economy and Global Inequality: A Social Network Analysis of International Trade"
2/9/24Joel Minden, Department of Psychology"Show Your Anxiety Who's Boss"
2/16/24joshuah whittinghill and Zach Justus, Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies, and Director of Faculty Development & Department of Communication Studies"Do More - Work Less: What AI Can Do for You"
3/8/24Michelle Rose, Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice"Alain Locke and the Pathology of Whiteness"