College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

Heike Johnson

Social Science Outstanding Multidisciplinary Studies Online Award

Heike was born and raised in Munich, Germany, and came to California in her early 20’s. She spent one very interesting year in Panama, and finally settled in California. Her biggest blessing was the birth of her daughter, Rachel Star. She continues to be the inspiration and motivation in Heike’s life. After Rachel graduated from high school, and left for college, she found herself suffering intense empty nest syndrome. Within 1 week she enrolled in a local community college, Hartnell College, in Salinas. She became obsessed with her perfect GPA, and has not allowed herself to sink below an A grade since.

In May 2015, she graduated Hartnell College, summa cum laude, with 5 Associate’s Degrees, and transferred to CSU Chico, where she is now on track to graduate in May with her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. For the last 15 years, she has also worked full-time as a Teacher’s Aide in a multi-grade classroom. Teaching her 4th- 8th graders has ignited her love for teaching and education. After graduating from CSU Chico, Heike plans to enroll into a teaching program.

Over the past 5 years of college, she was blessed with many wonderful instructors, who not only inspired her, but also pushed and challenged her. Many of these instructors belong to the CSU Chico Social Science department. Heike is forever grateful for the continued guidance and support she received at CSU Chico, and attribute much of her success to the outstanding teachers that taught her.