College of Behavioral & Social Sciences

MA in Political Science


We offer a traditional approach to the M.A. in Political Science to serve the diverse needs of our students and prepare them for a number of scholarly and professional pursuits. Some of our graduates go on to pursue a Ph.D. or law degree, others teach at community colleges or high schools, and others seek careers in government, politics (e.g., as lobbyists, policy analysts, campaign consultants, etc.) and in business and the non-profit sector.

We also encourage political science M.A. students to integrate applied experiences, such as teaching and internships, into their program of study.


The mission of the Political Science M.A. Program is to provide students with advanced educational experiences that will lead to competency in the attitudes, subjects and skills of the discipline of Political Science and the capacity to attain career success that allows them to utilize the knowledge, skills and judgment acquired in our program.

Goals & Objectives

Inquisitiveness: Students ask relevant questions within the field.

Open-mindedness: Students understand and appreciate multiple positions

Judgment: Students choose positions following appropriate data and analysis

Professionalism: Students understand the unique perspective of political science in the analysis of international, national, state and local governments and politics, and the societies, groups and individuals that shape them.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students can distinguish among theories of politics and analyze current political situations in theoretical terms.
  • Students can describe structural and institutional components of governments - legislative, executive, and judicial - and explain their relationship to each other and to other political actors.
  • Students can formulate hypotheses, construct research designs, conduct research, and apply appropriate analytic skills, including quantitative reasoning, to the study of political science.
  • Students can write and speak with sufficient clarity and professionalism to convey their attitudes, knowledge and skills.