Construction Management

Our Mission

Department Strategic Plan


The mission of the Chico State Construction Management Department, in collaboration with our industry partners, is to be the recognized leader in Construction Management education.

With a focus on the development of versatile students through theoretical and applied learning, our diverse industry experienced faculty will meet the ever-changing demands of the profession by continuously improving curriculum, providing student mentoring, and service learning opportunities.

Our graduates will have the tools to grow into the industry leaders of tomorrow.


  1. Student Learning and Curriculum (Degree Program)
    • The goal is to generate knowledgeable students who are critical thinkers of construction practice, strong communicators, and have high ethical standards.
    • The goal is to provide applied learning opportunities that allow for participation among all students, through field trips, community service, student clubs, and competitions.
    • The goal is to communicate and collaborate as a cohesive department that shows respect to all students, faculty, staff and key stakeholders.
  2. Faculty and Department (Educational Unit)
    • The goal is to have faculty with diverse industry experience, knowledge and skillsets.
    • The goal is to provide mentorship and professional development for all faculty.
    • The goal is to be respected for our strong academic program, superior service work and high graduation placement rates.
    • The goal is to have modern classrooms that utilize current technology and that help facilitate theoretical and applied student learning.
  3. Service to Industry (Stakeholders)
    • The goal is to have graduates that celebrate being a Chico State Construction Management alumni, appreciate the Chico Experience, and their preparedness for career successes.
    • The goal is to generate students that are the most highly recruited in the region.