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Construction Management

ASC Student Competition

The ASC is a professional association for the development and advancement of construction education, where the sharing of ideas and knowledge inspires, guides and promotes excellence in curricula, teaching, research, and service. The student competition has many categories representing the various sectors of the construction industry. 6-person student teams compete against each other based upon a construction company sponsor problem set reflecting real construction projects. Students are given a set amount of time (12-18 hours) to perform various construction industry tasks, including but not limited to, scheduling, estimating, site utilization, safety, coordination of the work, contract negotiation, pre-construciton services, quality control, personnel issues, model building, unforeseen site conditions, etc. 

Chico State has participated in this competition since its inception in 1986, below are the results over the past few years. 

2019 ASC Competition Winners

Commercial - 1st Place

ASC 2019 Commercial

Mechanical - 2nd Place

ASC 2019 Mechanical

Electrical - 3rd Place

ASC 2019 Electrical

Past Winners


  • 1st: Heavy Civil
  • 1st: Commercial
  • 2nd: Mechanical


  • 2nd: Commercial
  • 3rd: Mechanical


  • 1st: Commercial
  • 2nd: Heavy Civil
  • 2nd: Integrated Project Delivery


  • 1st: Heavy Civil
  • 2nd: Commercial
  • 3rd: Marine


  • 1st: Preconstruction
  • 3rd: Commercial
  • 3rd: Heavy Civil


  • 1st: Electrical
  • 2nd: Mechanical
  • 2nd: Preconstruction


  • 2nd: Marine
  • 3rd: Preconstruction


  • 2nd: Heavy Civil
  • 3rd: Electrical


  • 1st: BIM
  • 3rd: Heavy Civil
  • 3rd: Marine