California Pavement Preservation Center


The Pavement Preservation Task Group is a cooperative effort by Caltrans and Industry that provides a forum to foster coordination and continuous improvement in pavement preservation in California.  

The PPTG is under Rock Products Committee of Caltrans.

Rock Products Committee (RPC)(opens in new window)

RPC provides the leadership and commitment to develop and improve Caltrans materials specifications, test methods, and construction procedures used in the construction of transportation facilities that improve mobility across California, working with the Industry and the Federal Highway Administration.

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The PPTG task group identifies appropriate pavement strategies, makes recommendations to the Office of Pavement Preservation ensuring that pavement policies, procedures and best practices are applied.  In addition, the group serves as a resource to local agencies.

The objectives of the PPTG Task Groups are to define, evaluate and recommend solutions to:

  • Pavement preservation issues
  • Recognize and promote the implementation of innovative and cost effective pavement
  • Provide guidance on pavement preservation strategies, materials and tests
  • Recognize achievements of new and improved specifications and tests
  • Promote and sponsor training and educational seminars, workshops and courses
  • Streamline the implementation of innovative processes