Department of Economics

Kentiner David

  • Graduated: 1995
  • Field: University Administrator

Kentiner(opens in new window), who graduated with a BA in Economics and International Relations in 1995, is Associate Director of Financial Aid and Scholarship at CSU, Chico.  "I had fallen in love with Chico and didn’t want to leave after I graduated so started I a MA program in Political Science(opens in new window),” David stated in an email. “I completed my MA in Political Science in 2001. Halfway through my MA program, I applied for and began working at the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office as a Financial Aid Advisor.”

Kentiner supervises many other staff positions, oversees compliance requirements and effectiveness of financial aid programs, manages implementation and evaluation of new programs, services and communications, interprets, document, and implements organization policies and procedures, manages funds, and represents the organization at university and system levels.

"I stumbled upon the field of Economics during my junior year as a Mechanical Engineering student at CSU, Chico, in my search for meaning and a better understanding of the world in which I lived. For some reason I was not exposed to the field of economics prior to the fall of 1992. Perhaps growing up on a little Micronesian Island (Pohnpei or Ponape) before coming to college in California had something to do with it. I was not exposed to any economics during my island educational experience. During the fall of 1992, I believe, I enrolled in an Introduction to Economics course with Professor Mark Morlock and I instantly fell in love with studying Economics. The field of Economics provided interesting concepts and theories and also tools that I can use to explain and predict events in my world. I loved this about the field of Economics. I met with Frederica Shockley, the Chair of the Economics Department, the next semester and changed my major from Mechanical Engineering to Economics."

"Generally, my degree in Economics helps me be more analytical in effectively carrying out the daily duties of my job as well as engaging in long term strategic planning for the organization. It specifically, helps me quickly assess the changing regulatory environment, evaluate its impact on administering our programs and implement processes as well as polices that effectively manages delivery of funds, communicates relevant and timely information, and meets the needs of our clients and the goals of the university." (Last Updated 6/13/21)

Portrait of Kentiner David