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"Being in EOP is one of my greatest college memories! My Advisor helped me feel connected to the university and genuinely cared about my success. EOP’s workshops and motivational speakers contributed so much to my life and career aspirations. The greatest friendships that I made in college all came out of EOP courses we took together. Thank you so much EOP and congratulations! Hats off to EOP staff and students!!! "
— Joanna Alvarado, 1999 - 2004

"I remember the PAU (Pan African Union)Breakfast Program, and hanging out at the Black House in the alley. Milton's Mellow Music Moments kept me busy too. Second Baptist church on Sunday's. The Just-Us Band. Bob Sherrard, Marion Epting, George Wright, and the men and women who helped me along the way. Peace to the dreamers and achievers."
— Milton Williams Jr., 1977 - 1982

"EOP opened a world of opportunities to me that I will forever cherish! It was my family away from home."
— Adriana Gutierrez-Kirk, 1990 - 1995

"Summer Bridge 1990 really made an impact in my life...you have no idea! If you remember me, holla back peeps!"
— Julio Pech "Booker", 1990 - 1991

"I'm forever in debt to EOP. When I was denied regular admission due to SAT scores, EOP gave me a second chance to prove myself with rigor and high expectations. I'm now sending my daughter to University of Washington to study medicine and she will also participate in EOP. The legacy of EOP continues."
— LaWanda Wesley, 1988 - 1994

"I started in the summer of 1974 in the Summer Educational Experience (SEE III)...I was so young; it was a transformative experience! I completed a BA and MPA at CSU, Chico,and then obtained a doctorate at U.C. Berkeley. I have fond memories of that first summer: we camped at Gold Lake, took classes, and lived in coed dorms."
— Lily Roberts, MPA, Ph.D., 1974 - 75;1978 - 80