Instructionally Related Activities

Budget Information

 Funding Details:

  • IRA approved activities cannot receive IRA funding and Associated Students' revenue sharing funds in the same year.
  • IRA approved programs/activities that receive fundraising dollars must record the dollars in the T6300 fund.
  • The Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) recommendations for funding (for the following academic year) are sent to the Provost for final approval during the spring semester.
  • Approved funding is allocated to colleges/units at the beginning of the following academic year.
  • Deans/Directors are responsible for allocating funding to individual activity/programs.
  • Please work with your departmental administrative support staff to access IRA funds.

2024-25 IRA Base Allocations

BSS                        112,865
BUS                           21,421
CME                        117,739
ECC                           92,477
HFA                        207,099
GRAD                             5,497
RECS                           89,018
Support (OVPAA)                           42,963