Instructionally Related Activities

Eligibility Determination and Certification Process

Program/Activity Eligibility

Activities/programs seeking support from Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) funds must be certified by the Provost in accordance with the criteria specified below. 

To be certified a program/activity must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Essential to a quality educational program
  • Provide an important instructional experience for any student enrolled in the respective program
  • Substantially related to an instructional program and a direct extension of the in-class experience
  • Directly involve faculty in the management and supervision of the activity/program
  • Provide an identifiable benefit to a significant number of students
  • Enhance the overall balance of university programs and the breadth and balance of IRA activities/programs
  • Cannot duplicate another university certified activity


  • Certification and recognition as an Instructionally Related Activity does not guarantee funding
  • If an activity/program that has been discontinued wishes to become recertified, they must reapply for certification

Certification Process

Using the Request for Certification form (PDF), please explain the proposed activity/program. Be sure to detail the project and include an estimated budget. Once the dean/director approves the proposal, forward the request to The activity/program advisor and college/unit dean/director will be invited to a scheduled CFAC meeting to present the proposal. Upon the Campus Fee Advisory Committee's activity/program certification recommendation, the request is then forwarded to the Provost for final approval.


  • The Campus Fee Advisory Committee (CFAC) recommendations for funding (for the following academic year) are sent to the Provost for final approval during the spring semester.
  • Approved funding is allocated to colleges/units at the beginning of the following academic year.
  • Deans/Directors are responsible for allocating funding to individual activity/programs.