International Student and Scholar Services

Online Coursework

An online, or distance learning, course for the purpose of international student regulations means a course that is primarily offered through technology and does not require the student's physical attendance for classes, examinations or other purposes integral to completion of the class.

Only one online or distance learning class can count toward a full course of study for an international student during each term or semester.*

International students can take additional online courses beyond minimum enrollments, if desired.  For example, an Undergraduate student could take one online course for 3 credits, 3 in-person courses for 9 credits, and meet the required 12 units for full course load.  Beyond the required 12 unit minimum, an additional online course could be taken.

Online courses can be taken as much as desired in summer or winter sessions, when enrollment is not required.

*Students with government scholarships might have additional requirements for in-person study. Students should confirm with their sponsor for program and course modality requirements. 

If you are unsure which courses count toward the requirements for a full course of study, talk to your International Student Advisor to verify your schedule meets the requirements to maintain your status.