International Student and Scholar Services

Health and Accident Insurance

California State University (CSU) requires all international students to be enrolled in a University-approved health and accident insurance policy for the duration of their program.
  • Enrollment and Fees

    Enrollment Process

    Students are automatically enrolled in the plan and will pay their fees through their Portal account each semester. Your insurance payment will be due at the same time as your registration fee payment.

    Enrollment Dates

    • Fall policy dates: August 01 – December 31
    • Spring/summer policy dates: January 1 – July 31

    Note - Will you be traveling in June and/or July?  Contact an international student advisor to request an exemption from summer health insurance enrollment. Proof of travel will be required. 

  • Exemptions
    The only students who qualify for an exemption from the Chico State plan are:
    1. Students covered by a U.S. policy provided by their financial sponsor that is preapproved by the University. This includes: government/embassy sponsors, Fulbright Commission, DAAD, and dependents of U.S. employees; and 
    2. Students with a pre-existing medical condition for which (1) they are currently working with a specialist in the U.S., and (2) their medical expenses are expected to be higher than $2500 within the first six months as a Chico State student. 

    Think you might be exempt from this requirement? 

    Schedule a meeting with an international student advisor to explore your options.

  • Understand Your Health Insurance Plan

    Explore Your Health Insurance Plan

    Your Chico State health insurance plan is called "WellAway" and is offered by the Academic Health Plans (AHP) company.

    • What is covered and not covered by this plan
    • Maximum out-of-pocket expenses
    • In-network doctors and specialists 

    Important - Vision and Dental Care Not Included in This Plan

    Vision and Dental insurance are not included in this health insurance plan – this is how the U.S. system works. Your Chico State preapproved plan offers affordable policies that include vision and dental, which you can purchase separately.

    Learn more and enroll in vision and dental plans here. 

  • Insurance Card and Portal

    After you are enrolled in plan by your University, you will be sent a link to your health insurance portal and an electronic copy of your ID card.  You will not receive a physical insurance card - this is normal. 

  • Seek Medical Care

    The U.S. medical system is complex and can be confusing.  Use these quick links to locate the medical services you need.  

  • Health Insurance Requirement Explained

    CSU Policy and Immigration Requirement 

    California State University (CSU) requires all international students to have adequate medical, medical evacuation, and repatriation insurance coverage, beginning with the start of your program (as listed on your I-20/DS-2019), and at all times thereafter while you hold an F-1 or J-1 visa and you are residing within the U.S. For J-1 visa holders, failure to meet this requirement is also a violation of your immigration status and may result in the cancellation of your DS-2019 and disenrollment from the University.

    How the Chico State Plan Was Selected 

    A committee of University administrators carefully selected an insurance plan that provides a policy designed specifically to meet the needs of international students. This policy has low out-of-pocket expenses with local doctors, including emergency services at Enloe Hospital.

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