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The mission of NorCal ELC is to provide high-quality professional learning and support for school and teacher leaders in the eleven northernmost counties of California, the Shasta Region. We develop leadership knowledge and skills, promote continuous improvement systems, and connect educators with tools and resources for addressing equity-centered problems of practice to ultimately lead to better outcomes for children and youth in our largely rural region.

NorCal ELC is a regional provider of the 21st Century School Leadership Academy(opens in new window) funded by the California Department of Education.

NorCal Educational Leadership Consortium


NorCal ELC Webinar Series

NorCal ELC is sponsoring a series of webinars on increasing equity in education and social and emotional learning. The next webinar, You Told Us to Think Outside the Box: River Jim Canoeing, SEL & Improved Life Trajectories with Bill Shively, Bill Rich, and Sandra Azevedo will be live cast on September 21, 23, and 28.

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