REACH Student Success Center

What to Expect

Students accepted into the REACH program become a mentee, receive help from peer and faculty mentors, and have access to advisors.

What It’s Like as a REACH Mentee

First year students within the REACH program are provided with all the resources they need as an incoming freshman and get to meet an amazing group of people they can happily call their friends.

REACH student enjoying pizza with peer mentor
Meet Your Peer Mentor

Current students are selected as Peer Mentors and are paired with a group of 9-10 first-year students whom they provide support and guidance to both individually and as a group.

REACH students working together in the classroom
UNIV 150 Success Course

All first-year “mentees” are enrolled into our UNIV 150 REACH for Success course, in which they learn to develop college success skills.

Faculty mentor speaking
Faculty Mentors

REACH students are also supported by a faculty mentor, who is a current professor on campus, and have access to advisors who work with them to develop a personalized plan for academic success.

Monthly Social Events

In addition to our class, our REACH groups attend monthly social events. These events allow our students to explore Chico and feel a greater connection to the community.

It also provides a non-academic space for our students and mentors to create friendships, which aids in increasing potential for overall college success.

REACH selfie at social event

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Hangouts with Mentors

Like any mentorship, it requires a commitment from the mentee as well. REACH students are required to enroll in our UNIV (150) course, will have bi-weekly 1:1 hangouts with their mentors, and attend our free monthly social events.

Our goal is to provide you with direct access to the tools to help you be academically successful and to have fun while doing it!

REACH students engaged in a study session

Application Process

To become a part of the REACH Program you will need to do the following:

Online Application
Complete the quick and easy online application. You’ll receive a confirmation email indicating that we have received your application. You will be notified whether or not you have been admitted into the program by June 1st.

Get Help Signing Up for REACH Courses
If admitted, we'll continue to communicate with you via e-mail about course registration into our required courses, and will encourage you to sign-up and attend Summer Orientation.

Meet Your Peer Mentor
Before the semester begins, you will be contacted by your peer mentor who will begin getting to know you and will give information about our welcome activities.