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What is the Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (RAI) at CSU, Chico?

The Initiative for Regenerative Agriculture is comprised of a working group of multi-disciplinary faculty who have come together to develop collaborative research and teaching strategies for primary purpose of drawing down legacy levels of greenhouse gas emissions through carbon sequestration and ecosystem service restoration. This science based effort will have far reaching implications across disciplines in areas of climate and food policy, agricultural husbandry practices, food justice, business models, as well as local food sheds.  The intent of this group is to spur the creation of an educational focus investigating agriculture that restores climate stability from a transdisciplinary perspective and ultimately to share best practices from the initiative’s research efforts with society and the broader agricultural community. 

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Video from Thursday, February 9th in Colusa Hall Rm 100A
Regenerative Agriculture Initiative (RAI) Seminar

Featuring Rebecca Burgess from Fibershed (click here for video recording of presentation)

KFCF 88.1 Podcast February 3, 2017
Tim LaSalle with Tom Willey, Down on the Farm

Hanford native, Tim LaSalle long piloted California's renown Agricultural Leadership Program, then headed The Savoy Center and Rodale Institute. He is currently co-founding Chico State's Regenerative Agriculture Initiative, an agenda focused on transforming farmlands from net emitters of greenhouse gasses into carbon sinks that rebalance Earth's atmosphere. Listen to Tim in conversation with "Down on the Farm" host Tom Willey on KFCF 88.1FM, Free Speech Radio, Fresno.

Soil Microbes: Their Powerful Influences in Agroecosystems
(video of 9/29/16 presentation by Dr. David C. Johnson)