Graduation Application

Apply for your Bachelor's Degree online: Graduation Application

  • Apply for graduation to the term when you will complete all degree requirements and coursework.
  • The application AND payment must be received by the deadline in order to avoid the late fee.
  • You must have the correct Major including Option & Pattern, and/or Minor declared before completing the graduation application.  If changes are required, please submit a Plan Change
  • Once the application process is started, it must be completed within 4 weeks.  Applications not completed will be removed and students will have to start the application process again.  A refiling fee will be charged upon submission of the next application. 
  • If your last date of attendance was Fall 2003 or prior, your Portal account is no longer valid, and the online graduation application will not function. Please call our office so we can help you through the application process.

Please call Academic Evaluations with any questions at (530) 898-5957.

Participating in the Commencement Ceremony ("walking") is separate from graduating.
Review the Commencement website for more information.