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Student Payroll

This is the page where you can obtain information about Student Payroll.


Student Payroll Information for Departments

Student Payroll Forms

Time and Labor Training Documentation

Type Last Upd Process Description
PowerPoint Presentation Icon 01/18/2017 T & L End User Training
Excel Spreadsheet Icon 01/18/2017 Student Classifications Information

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Department Business Process Guides (BPGs)

Current Pay Period Processing

Full Length Business Process Guides

Type Last Upd Process Description
Word Document Icon 10/18/2016 Enter Student Time
Word Document Icon 04/05/2012 Manage Exceptions
word icon 10/18/2016 Approve Student Time
Word Document Icon 03/27/2018 Position Management Guide
Word Document Icon 03/27/2012 Review Time (Launch Pad, View Payable Time & View Payable Time Detail)
word icon 07/27/2016 Student Employee Reports to Maintainer Guide
word icon 08/12/2015 Student Separation Report Guide

Quick Steps

Type Last Upd Process Description
word icon 05/28/2013 Student Employee Data Lookup
Word Document Icon 01/24/2017 Student Time and Labor Processing
Time and Labor Job Roster Report Quick steps Guide 01/13/2017 TL Job Roster Report
Word Document Icon 01/06/2016 Student Pay Report Quick Steps Guide
Word Document Icon 12/06/2016 Student, TA, GA ISA Report

Please contact your payroll analyst regarding Time and Labor Student Payroll Processing.

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