Career Center & Student Employment

Employer Guidelines

The Chico State Career Center serves the entire regularly enrolled Chico State student population and alumni. The Career Center will not sponsor nor cooperate with organizations that appear to discriminate or are restrictive against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, disability, or gender.

The Chico State Career Center will not promote positions that require an investment of cash or other purchases by the prospective employee. The only exceptions are required state training classes and licensures or necessary and appropriate personal safety clothing and gear or equivalent.

The Chico State Career Center does not promote or post positions submitted by third-party recruiters without full disclosure of the employer where the successful candidate will be employed. The third-party recruiters must specifically name the hiring employer in all job postings and other recruitment materials. On a case-by-case basis, third-party recruiters may attend career fairs in order to recruit for internal positions only.

The Chico State Career Center does not support or sponsor any organization or company that requires candidates who are current students in good standing (or matriculating students between semesters) to be enrolled in any specific class, or requires students to receive “Internship” units/credits as a condition of eligibility.

The Chico State Career Center will only accept, support or sponsor job postings, on-campus recruiting efforts, and/or career fair participation from employers who comply with the Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act(opens in new window).

In complying with this policy, all for-profit employers must pay at least minimum wage, while not-for-profit organizations may offer volunteer opportunities.

The Chico State Career Center will not permit the following at any of its sponsored career fairs:

  • Home-based business/franchise or distributorship opportunities
  • Sale of merchandise, services or products
  • Polling or surveying of students
  • Fundraising or petition drives

The Chico State Career Center reserves the right to refuse service to any individual and organization.