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On-Campus Recruiting

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Overview of the Program
Who can participate?
How can I participate?
When I graduate, can I participate in on-campus interviews if I haven't found employment?
What should I do once I accept a job offer?
What are additional ways to obtain an on-campus interview?


The on-campus recruiting (OCR) program provides an opportunity for employers and students to connect on the Chico State campus. The program attracts employers from business, technology, services, education, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

Most OCR positions are post-graduation, full-time positions, although employers also recruit for part-time positions, and internships by scheduling interviews on campus.

Who can participate in OCR?

Only Chico State students and alumni are eligible to participate in the on-campus recruiting program.

How can I participate in OCR?

  • Complete your online profile and upload your resume on Handshake
  • At the Jobs menu, choose On-Campus Interviews to view organizations coming to campus
  • If no jobs are posted, click on the organization link  and contact the company representatives by email to express your interest in interviewing at Chico State

When I graduate, can I participate in OCR if I haven't found employment?

Yes, alumni living in the Chico area can participate during the semester following their grad date.

What should I do once I accept a job offer?

The ethical course of action is to stop interviewing with other organizations and honor your commitment to work for the employer hiring you. Next, visit the Career Center in SSC 270 to have your picture taken, ring the gong and receive your congratulatory goodie bag. We also encourage you to fill out the online job offer form. Please notify any employers with whom you have already interviewed to inform them of your decision to pursue employment with another company.

What are additional ways to obtain an on-campus interview?

  • Attend the employer's information session and bring your resume. Some students have been able to get an interview because the employer met them face-to-face and reviewed their resume. To see the information session schedule, check the Event Calendar.
  • Students who are well-prepared and make favorable impressions can arrange interviews at career fairs.
  • Contact the employer directly by e-mail or phone to express your interest and inquire about availability. Even if a recruiter does not have a time slot on the official interview schedule, they may make time while on campus to talk with a motivated student.