Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Cultural Heritage Monthly Programs

Cross-Cultural Leadership Center focuses on cultural programming each month to help bring a sense of belonging for students who identify with those cultures.  Thought the various programming we hope to bring community to the students of Chico State.

Each Month, you can look forward to:

Aux Talks, an opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to engage and build bridges through fun, banter & music.

Dinner & A Story, a time for students, faculty & staff to come together as one community and share their stories while also getting to know one another. Individuals have the chance to connect culturally with the Cross-Cultural Leadership Center while experiencing our family culture by enjoying a three-course meal with intentional conversations.

Cultural Food Fests, designed for students to get together over the common cultural touch point of food. Students work together to create and enjoy dishes.   

Unity Brunch, a celebrations of culture, identity, and honoring of a student, faculty, and staff  for their contribution to their communities.

WildCat Experience, a specific social interaction is based on an activity for students who identify in those culture to connect, engage and have fun.  

Students enjoying foodConversation over Dinner & Story

Black Aux Talks with staff, faculty and students on campus


Although, we center our programs in those cultural months, we encourage the celebration of these cultures to be year-round.

Check out of calendar for a list of our events and follow us on Instagram to stay up to date on weekly events. 

For more information: 530-898-4101 | |Instagram

Fall Programs

Spring Programs