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Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Meet Our Staff

Professional Staff

Portrait of Krystle Tonga
Krystle Tonga
  • Associate Director
Portrait of Shawnya Abrams
Shawnya Abrams
  • Administrative Support Coordinator
Portrait of Jamile A. Balli
Jamile A. Balli
  • Program Coordinator

Inclusion Coordinators

Portrait of Eric A. Ureña
Eric A. Ureña
  • Inclusion Coordinator
Portrait of Mia Rose Kirby
Mia Rose Kirby
  • Inclusion Coordinator
Portrait of Marlin Ulloa
Marlin Ulloa
  • Inclusion Coordinator
Portrait of George Bell
George Bell
  • Inclusion Coordinator

Para Professionals

Portrait of Selena Hnubcihli Thao
Selena Hnubcihli Thao
  • Para Professional
Portrait of Juanwon Anderson-Verdell
Juanwon Anderson-Verdell
  • Para Professional
Portrait of Raúl Medel Zendejas
Raúl Medel Zendejas
  • Para Professional
Portrait of Wendy Ibañez
Wendy Ibañez
  • Para Professional
Portrait of Endiyalynn Jackson-Hill
Endiyalynn Jackson-Hill
  • Para Professional

Graphic Designers

Portrait of Egypt Hubbard
Egypt Hubbard
  • Graphic Designer
Portrait of Briana Payan
Briana Payan
  • Graphic Designer