Cross-Cultural Leadership Center

Logun De La Mora

Inclusion Coordinator

My name is Ricardo Logun De La Mora, however my friends call me Logun. I am 20 years old and my house is in Rocklin California. I was Born on August 27th 2002 and lived with my family in Los Angeles for the first couple years of my life. At a young age my parents moved to Sacramento to provide a better life for me and my sister.  As a child I was raised by my parents to show respect for elders, help when possible, and always do the right thing. These are the values that I choose to live my life and what I use to guide me from day to day.

Both me and my sister have extremely fair skin and light eyes making us appear as white though we are Hispanic. Growing up this caused me to go through an identity crisis because I was raised in a primarily white neighborhood causing me to put my heritage and culture aside in order to better fit in with those around me. Despite this struggle as I matured and grew older I began to seek out my Hispanic side and observe my culture and aspired to learn more about myself as well as my family.

I am a third year anthropology major and I hope to one day be a forensic anthropologist. I attended Sierra College before coming to Chico State and decided to choose to be an anthropologist. Originally I thought of being a marine biologist then switched my focus on anthropology(specifically archaeology). After a year of focusing on anthropology I ultimately decided to focus on Forensic anthropology and that is where I am now. My family has always provided for me and have fought hard to be financially well off and provide for me. My struggles in life were never financial and have led me to try and help others who struggle with money because I will never know what it's like to be them. Though my struggles in life were never financial I have unfortunately dealt with a lot of loss as well as other mental traumas throughout my life with friends, loved ones and family. I feel that these struggles have molded me as a person and have helped shape me into the person I am today. Additionally I will always believe that these traumas have made me stronger overall and have allowed me to become the fighter I am today.

Portrait of Logun De La Mora