Civil Engineering

Newly Renovated Environmental Engineering Lab

The Environmental Engineering laboratory remodel project was completed as of Spring 2023. The space is in Langdon Hall, room 205, and was built as a “sanitary engineering” lab in the 1960’s when the building was originally constructed. The lab had not had any major improvements since the original construction and showed signs of the 60 years of student use.   

Planning and fundraising on the project began in 2019 and the construction was completed in late fall 2022.  The lab renovation includes new floors surfaces, new wall paint, ceiling tiles and lighting, smart room technology, new student work stations, storage, and fume hoods. The new space houses some exciting new equipment:  analytical balances, cold storage, centrifugation, incubation, a UV-VIS spectrophotometer, an ion chromatography system, and a new high pressure liquid chromatography system.

LANG 205 Before (a) 

LANG 205 After (a)

LANG 205 Before (b)

LANG 205 After (b)

LANG 205 Before (c)

LANG 205 After (c)