Chemistry and Biochemistry

Fall 2022

All seminars are held in person on Fridays at 1 p.m. in Glenn Hall, Room 306.

All are welcome to attend and contribute.  Refreshments provided!

Email Dr. Lisa Kendhammer at with any seminar questions.

August 26

Ben Taft, Via Nova Therapeutics

“Discovery and Preclinical Pharmacology of Fast-Acting Antimalarial INE963”

September 2

Shaun McKinnie, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Silent and Deadly: How Nature Assembles the Potent Organophosphate Neurotoxin"

September 16

Tim Zuehlsdorff, Oregon State University

Predicting Optical Properties of Molecules in Complex Environments”

September 30

Chris Barile, University of Nevada, Reno

"Chemistry for Climate Change: CO2 Conversion and Energy-saving Switchable Windows"

October 14

Elizabeth Day, University of Texas, El Paso

"Three-Dimensional Learning framework and a Socio-Cognitive Perspective on Educational Measurement"

October 21 

Cody Pitts, University of California, Davis

"Nothing is Impossible: My Experience with Fluorine Chemistry"

October 28 

Jason Gestwicki, University of California, San Francisco

"Chemical Biology Approaches to Treating Misfolding Diseases: Research Opportunities at UCSF"

November 4

Yang Hai, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Enzymology and Biocatalysis of PLP-Dependent Enzymes"

November 18

Bruce Lipshutz, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Transitioning Organic Chemistry to Water; It’s Our Future!"

December 2

Rodrigo Noriega, University of Utah

"Directing Photochemical Transformations by Tuning Their Local Environment and External Stimuli"

December 9

Grace Stokes, Santa Clara University

"Thermodynamic Studies of Drug-Lipid Interactions"