Chemistry and Biochemistry

Spring 2024

All seminars are held in person on Fridays at 1 p.m. in Glenn Hall, Room 314.

All are welcome to attend and contribute.  Refreshments provided!

Email Dr. Lisa Kendhammer at with any seminar questions. The schedule will be updated throughout the semester. 

March 29

Claire Mirkarimi, biochemistry major, Chico State

"Mutagenesis Study of Limonene Synthase to Alter Cyclization Products (PDF)"

April 5

Megan Keener, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

"From Organic Synthesis to the Trans-Actinides: A Retrospective of My Career Since Chico State (PDF)"

April 12

Monica So, chemistry professor, Chico State

April 26

Preston Lawson, chemistry major, Chico State

"Semiconductor Materials Chemistry for a More Sustainable Future"

May 3

Paul Alderson, chemistry and biochemistry major, Chico State

"Wet, Green, Chiral Amines: Applying Green Chemistry to the Synthesis of Chiral, α-Branched Amine Building-Blocks"

May 10

Anna Wannenmacher, UC Davis

"My Research Journal via the Study of Reactions and Molecules Involved in the Formation of Prebiotic Molecules"