Concrete Industry Management

Careers & Internships

A degree in CIM takes students from the classroom to the boardroom.

Why is a degree in Concrete Industry Management so impactful? Not only do students graduate with immediate employable skills, but strong industry demand means 100% job placement with a CIM degree from Chico State.

Starting salaries are comparable to those in high-tech industries, usually beginning around $80,000.

Upon graduation, students are equipped to transition easily into different fields in the industry. In addition to concrete plants and construction sites, graduates can work in laboratories and large corporations. They can step into management roles in field/technical services, HR, operations, quality control/quality assurance, finance/accounting, and safety. Students can become specialists in logistics, the environment, and more.

Specifically, a degree in CIM can offer careers such as:

Logistics Specialist

Laboratory Researcher

Construction Superintendent

Plant Manager/Plant Superintendent

Environmental Specialist

Human Resources Manager

Project Manager


Safety Manager

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Manager

Quality Control/Quality Assurance Manager

Field/Technical Services Manager


Marketing Manager

Sales Representative/Manager

Operations manager

Financial and Accounting Manager

Student Job Opportunities

Please check out current full time employment and internship opportunities by logging into Handshake via your student portal or by clicking the link below.  If you type in key word "CIM" in your job search, it will narrow down your results.


Internship Course Information

The forms below are samples only. Actual documents are distributed during the internship course.

About CIM Student Opportunities

CIM students are given numerous networking and career development opportunities. Beginning in the first semester, students have the opportunity to travel to industry events and conferences. Industry guest speakers, recruiting events in the program, social events with industry leaders, field trips, and internships give students ample opportunity to explore a variety of potential careers in the concrete industry.

Students in the Concrete Industry Management program gain valuable work experience and knowledge as interns in the concrete industry. Most internships are full-time, semester and/or summer positions with well-known companies. These internships are paid positions which also earn a student upper-division course credit.

Companies contact the CIM office with information about current career and internship opportunities. This information is then passed to students via email.