Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Adel Ghandakly: Research

Dr. Adel Ghandakly

General Research Activities

Design of Real Time controllers for a wide range of industrial drives, Energy Systems management and Control, Electric Glass Melters and aerospace vehicles with focus on Adaptive and Intelligent Control Systems, System Identification, Large Scale Systems, Real Time Computer Control, Microprocessor Relays, Power system planning, Energy Conversion, and Electric Glass Melter modeling.

Energy Management and Control

Integration of renewable energy resources of photovoltaic arrays and wind turbines for residential, commercial and industrial applications

Developing effective technology for maximum energy operation of the photovoltaic arrays and an Energy Management and Control operation strategy for the integrated system.

Development of Intelligent Control Schemes for Fighter Aero Planes

Development of different designs of multiple model adaptive controllers using fuzzy logic switching (Recently Completed Activity):

Multiple Model MRAC System.

Multiple Model STR System.

Parallel Controller: Controller with Multiple Identification Models.