Electrical and Computer Engineering

Student Outcomes

1. An ability to identify and formulate requirements for advanced systems (supports achieving Objectives B,C,D)

2. An ability to analyze and prioritize requirements and constraints in order to determine the features that must be included in advanced systems ( supports achieving Objectives B,D,C,E)

3. An ability to design advanced digital or analog systems that meet all requirements (supports achieving Objectives A,B,D,E)

4. An ability to implement designs for digital or analog systems and evaluate how well the designs meet the requirements (supports achieving Objectives A,B,D,E)

5. An ability to conduct literature research and assess its impact on electrical and/or computer engineering issues (supports achieving Objectives A,B,C,D,E)

6. An ability to apply current technologies and use modern tools to solve engineering problems (supports achieving Objectives A,B,D,E)