FitU is an inclusive program that considers both nutrition (fuel) and physical activity (fitness) to be equally important in improving your health. Fuel and fitness are our main focus.

It is well documented that physical activity levels often drop dramatically after high school. Common excuses for decreased physical activity include lack of time and motivation. Many people start a new exercise program but quit after only a few weeks. This is because they fail to explore potential barriers that may stand in their way.

Our physical activity adherence mentors are not personal trainers. Instead of prescribing potentially monotonous workout routines, they help you develop strategies to overcome your barriers to being active. They are trained to help you begin, alter or completely change your physical activity program so that you are exercising in ways that are fun.

Whatever your prefer to do- walking, using a gym, biking, or dancing– our physical activity mentors will help you over come barriers and meet your fitness goals.

This is accomplished through individualized sessions where you are encouraged to share your common barriers with a trained mentor. The mentor guides you to come up with solutions to these barriers. Our physical activity adherence mentors have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves to help you to re-think your activity plans. Changing your behavior is never easy, and you don’t need to do it alone. A fitness program that fits you is a program you can stick to.

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