Concentrating on your education, social life and/or career is difficult. So difficult in fact, that many people forfeit most, if not all, of the energy they commit to staying healthy. Most people do not comprehend the fact that by neglecting their health, they are essentially choosing to neglect everything else. When a person’s health starts to diminish, so does their academic abilities, social life, and/ or job performance. That is why FitU is committed to keeping you on track to meeting your goals.

To help you stay on course, FitU developed a schedule that includes nine sessions over the course of the program. This allows clients to meet with their nutrition and exercise adherence mentors on a regular basis. Clients can ask questions, receive feedback, make suggestions, and stay informed and on track throughout the course of the program. Mentors also have the opportunity to gage your progress, make recommendations, alter your program, address your concerns, and most importantly– cheer you on!

Session 1 Nutrition Appointment

Session 2 Exercise Adherence Appointment

Session 3 Nutrition Appointment

Session 4 Exercise Adherence Appointment

Session 5 Nutrition Appointment

Session 6 Exercise Adherence Appointment

Session 7 Nutrition Appointment

Session 8 Exercise Adherence Appointment