FitU is an inclusive program that considers both nutrition (fuel) and physical activity (fitness) to be equally important in improving your health. Fuel and fitness are our main focus.

Eating is a complex issue. No one can deny the link between food and health. So why is it that people choose to eat poorly? Time and money are common excuses, but there may be more to it than that. Mental barriers are the true reason people struggle in their relationship with food.

FitU helps individuals remove such barriers. “Junk food” is a common title for all foods that spawn guilt or negative feelings. But at FitU, there is no such thing as “junk food.” This program aims to remove the negative emotions affiliated with eating certain foods so individuals can simply enjoy their meals.

It has been shown that when a food is branded with a negative connotation and restricted from the diet, it is more likely that an individual might binge on that food. Our nutrition mentors teach their clients to first recognize their attitudes when eating particular foods and begin looking at food as fun. They will teach you strategies for planning and preparing enjoyable, balanced meals. And you will learn how to trust your body’s signals, ultimately eating the right amount at the right times.

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