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Every Drop Impact Project

Gateway's Every Drop Impact Project increases awareness of water issues in our region and the impacts of climate change on this precious resource. 

Gateway's Every Drop Impact Project is learning more about water, that precious resource we all need for survival. Community members were invited to join researchers on a short walk from the museum to Big Chico Creek to collect data. Experience how science works!

Research question: Does water quality vary with water quantity during the dry season (summer) in Big Chico Creek?

Stay tuned for collection data!

The Every Drop Impact Project Forum

Gateway hosted a community engagement forum in September 2021, convening faculty, students, water experts, and community members.  Check back soon for a summary of the event.

noaa logoThis resource was prepared by the support of award NA18SEC0080008 from the Environmental Literacy Program of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Department of Commerce. The statements, findings, conclusions, and recommendations are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of NOAA or the U.S. Department of Commerce. 

Activities Include:

  • GEOS Geochemistry Research Group Community Science Project collaboration to collect water quality data in the region

    Gateway is a public education venue for the CSU, Chico Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences (GEOS) National Science Foundation-funded project to highlight the use of an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, a state-of-the-art instrument for trace metal analysis. The GEOS Geochemistry Research Group Community Science project includes data collection and analysis of water samples provided by area residents to study well water and urban storm runoff that picks up pollutants such as heavy metals, petroleum products, pesticides, and fertilizers.

  • Museum Without Walls Lecture Series from April 2021 focused on water conservation and water quality.

  • Exhibits featuring the sustainability features of our certified LEED Gold building and grounds
  • Water Reclamation Demonstration Project using captured condensation from our HVAC system to be used as irrigation for our native plant garden

Partners (to date):  

Gateway Science Museum - Chico State Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences - Chico State College of Natural Sciences - Campus Sustainability - Center for Regenerative Agriculture - Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve - City of Chico

Please contact Adrienne McGraw, Gateway Director, for more information at in new window).