Gateway Science Museum

Class Field Trips

Gateway Science Museum is proud to offer exciting, interactive and educationally-rich field trips for all age levels throughout the year. The museum’s field trips further our mission of “Inspiring the exploration of science and natural history, in our region and beyond,” while also helping to support the educational goals of teachers and students.

Spring 2023 field trips are over!

We will not have Summer field trips. Stay tuned for Fall 2023 field trips...

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Curiosity Guided Field Trips: 1st - 12th Grades

Curiosity Guided field trips are for 1st through 12th grade classes. Only one class per start time. Field trip cost is $95 per class.

Stay tuned for Fall 2023 field trips!

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Explorer Field Trips:
4th - 6th Grades ONLY

Explorer field trips are ONLY available to 4th through 6th-grade classes on Tuesday mornings at 9:30 am. Field trips cost is $95 per class. 

Stay tuned for Fall 2023 field trips!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a field trip cost? 

Each field trip cost is $95. 

What is the cancellation policy?

A notice of cancellation by the teacher must be received at least TWO WEEKS prior to scheduled field trip date to receive a full refund. Missed field trips or field trips cancelled less than two weeks prior to scheduled field trip date will be charged 100% of the field trip cost. 

How long is a field trip? 

For a Curiosity Guided field trip, it is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

  • Welcome Talk – 5 minutes 
  • Exhibit Tour #1 – 30 minutes 
  • Exhibit Tour # 2 – 30 minutes 
  • Exploration of Gateway Gardens – 5-10 minutes* 
  • Goodbye Talk – 5 minutes 

*If time and weather permit 

For an Explorer field trip, it is 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

  • Welcome Talk – class is divided into 3 groups with 1 chaperone per group 
  • Exploration of Exhibits and Activities – small groups rotate through 3 activities designed by the college students along the field trip.  

What is the difference between an Explorer field trip and a Curiosity Guided field trip? 

In a Curiosity Guided field trip, Gateway field trip staff leads students through an exploration of each exhibit and presents related artifacts and hands-on activities. 

In an Explorer field trip, groups of Chico State Education students lead hands-on activities that they have developed in their class, and that meet Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). 

Should I bring any supplemental activities/worksheets?

For an Explorer field trip there is a worksheet provided as a component of the field trip.
For Curiosity Guided field trip, our guides provide a thorough visit that doesn't leave extra time for students to complete worksheets.

Can I schedule a field trip at the same time as another class from my school? 

We can accommodate up to 30 students in a class. If both classes combined do not exceed this number, we can schedule both. Otherwise, only one class per time slot. 

Can I schedule a field trip for my kindergarten class? 

At this time, we do not have the resources to provide supplemental instructional content for this grade level.  

What is a Confirmation Letter? 

After a teacher completes the online form indicating their preferred field trip dates, the teacher will receive a Confirmation Letter via email. This document is also an invoice, and a payment deadline will be specified on this letter. The confirmation will also include: 

  • Field Trip Policies and Recommendations 
  • Payment, Cancellations, Changes, and Refunds 
  • Parking Information 
  • Chaperone Responsibilities 
  • Field Trip Parking Map 

How many chaperones can I bring? 

Adults who bring any siblings (not enrolled in the class) cannot be chaperones or participate in the field trip. 

For a Curiosity Guided field trip, a minimum of 4 adults (teacher + 3 adults) is required and a maximum of 8 adults (teacher + 7 adults) can be included in the field trip cost.  

For an Explorer field trip, a minimum of 3 adults (teacher + 2 adults) is required and a maximum of 4 adults (teacher + 3 adults) will be accommodated. 

What happens if I bring more than the maximum number of chaperones? 

For a Curiosity Guided field trip, extra adults, including school personnel, will be charged $5 each. If payment is not paid by the extra individual, it will be the teacher’s responsibility. Payment will need to be made prior to the end of the field trip.  

For an Explorer field trip, no extra chaperones will be accommodated. Since Explorer field trips are guided by Chico State Science Education students as part of their class, the professor limits the number of adult chaperones. 

What are your expectations of chaperones? 

Please stay with your designated group throughout the field trip. 

Help students engage, focus, and explore the exhibits. 

Assist museum guides with any educational, behavior, and student needs. 

Please turn off cell phones and enjoy the interactions between students and the museum exhibits. 

Only drinking water in closed containers can be brought into the museum.  

Please leave food and other beverages in vehicle or designated area. 

Will I be able to park there? 

Yes, please make sure to park in Gateway’s parking spaces indicated by green painted curbs. A parking map is also included in the Confirmation Letter and the Chaperone Guide. 

May a chaperone bring another child or family member that is not enrolled into the class schedule for the field trip? 

No, only students enrolled in the class scheduled for the field trip are permitted. This means NO siblings. 

What happens if I show up late? 

For a Curiosity Guided field trip, time will be taken away from the Gateway Gardens portion. If lateness exceeds 10 minutes, time will be taken from the exhibits tour time.

We cannot extend time for both Curiosity Guided and Explorer field trips. 

Will the kiosk be open during the field trip? 

No, due to the limited time for the field trip there we don't offer merchandise sales in order to keep the focus on the field trip. The kiosk is open Thursday-Saturday 11am - 4pm. You do not need to pay admission to shop at the kiosk. We accept cash and card. Please, no bills over $20.