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Coming Fall 2021

Visitors to Gateway Science Museum are welcomed by our saber-tooth cat and short-faced bear fossil replicas. Soon these ancient California mammals will guide us through our new paleontology exhibit! This exploration is a collaborative effort between Gateway Science Museum, Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at CSU, Chico designed by Bart Hays, “Fossils and Formations” is coming fall of 2021.

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Coming Spring 2022

Take a ride through the science of bicycling! Since its inception in the late 19th century, the bicycle has affected how people live, work, and play. From schoolyards and mountain trails to bustling city streets, we encounter bicycles nearly every day. The bicycle is an elegant example of basic science principles and material science. Visitors learn how bikes work; the history/evolution of the bike; the science and technology behind the machine; and how bikes have impacted our culture. Like the bicycle itself, the exhibition has been designed to appeal to people of all ages with diverse interests.