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water's extreme journey

Water's Extreme Journey

EXPERIENCE the water cycle as a drop of water
LEARN to keep water clean through simple activities.
INSPIRE stewardship of natural resources
ACT to support clean water initiatives

Visitors embark on an exciting and important quest for clean water. They follow the journey of a water drop and explore first-hand the science behind the water cycle. Through a interactive maze, visitors realize how daily decisions can immediately impact the watershed in their own backyard. Coming to Gateway Science Museum in January 2023. 

Fossils and Formations

Visitors to Gateway Science Museum are welcomed by our saber-tooth cat and short-faced bear fossil replicas. These ancient California mammals guide us through our new paleontology exhibit! This exploration is a collaborative effort between Gateway Science Museum, the Department of Geological and Environmental Sciences at California State University, Chico, and designer Bart Hays.

Fossils Lab

Fossil fans and would-be fans will be awed! Gateway's Demo Lab has been taken over by Chico State GEOS Department as expert paleontologists and fossil scientists in training work on actual finds from the field. Watch live fossil preparation and chat with our Scientists in Residence!

Learn more about these exciting fossil finds and how you can pursue a career in paleontology on the Chico State GEOS website!(opens in new window)

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Step out into the garden! 

Gateway’s "Native Plant Pollinator Garden," designed and constructed in 2013 in collaboration with CSU, Chico Associated Students Sustainability interns and the Mt. Lassen Chapter of the California Native Plant Society in Chico, is home to more than 40 plants native to Northern California. These plants were chosen to provide food in the form of pollen, nectar and larval foliage for a wide variety of pollinators – bees, flies, butterflies, moths, beetles & birds. At any one time throughout the year, the garden will have between 3 and 5 different kinds of plants in bloom. Featuring The Foothills exhibit, highlighting four distinct eco-regions of Northern California's foothills environment. Learn more.(opens in new window)