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Albatross: Life on the Wind and Sea

September 8, 2019 - February 9, 2020

Albatrosses have been misunderstood by humans throughout history, blamed for bad weather on ships, and ridiculed for their clumsy gait on land. Family-friendly traveling exhibit Albatross: Life on the Wind and Sea dispels myths and sheds light on lives of these large seabirds, of which three species are found in the Northern Pacific.
Hawai’i artist and author Caren Loebel-Fried reveals the story of an imagined nesting Laysan Albatross through her intricate and colorful block prints. Loebel-Fried spent five weeks on the small Northwestern Hawaiian islands of Midway Atoll, working amongst hundreds of thousands of nesting Laysan, Black-footed, and Short-tailed Albatrosses. While on Midway, Caren counted nests with a census team and researched for her artwork for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Her artwork and story originally appeared in the book A Perfect Day for an Albatross, published by Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s publishing wing, and has been verified for accuracy by biologists.
Albatross: Life on the Wind and Sea is an exhibition from Caren Loebel-Fried and the Seymour Marine Discovery Center and is traveled by Exhibit Envoy.
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Discover the exploration to the frontiers

June 12 – December 15, 2019

Gateway Science Museum presents a temporary exhibition that celebrates the human and technological achievements needed to reach the moon and envisions a future Mars landing.

Join us for this interactive multimedia experience and be immediately transported to a rich visual and audial landscape evocative of space itself. Enter a 1969-era living room to view vintage footage of the moon landing. Spend some time in the Moon Café for film, audio, live performances and discussions. Engage with hands-on, minds-on activities that delve into the forces working against the human body in extreme environments: temperature, pressure, lack of gravity, lack of oxygen. Explore solutions to these dilemmas.

Lunar Installation by Michelle Ott, Gateway Artist in Residence.
Guest curation by Dave Schlom, host of Blue Dot on NSPR.(opens in new window)

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The Gateway Women of Wonder
J.E. McAmis
Judy Sitton
Dr. Joe & Terry Matthews

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Beauty & The Beast: California Wildflowers & Climate Change

This exhibit will be on display in the Newberry Gallery beginning May 26, 2018 and through Fall 2019.

Exquisite photographs of California's wildflowers bring awareness to the beauty of the Golden State - as well as to the dangers facing our natural habitats from climate change. All geographic regions of California are highlighted in this stunning show, from the high alpine "rock gardens" above 11,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Death Valley National Park's below-sea-level environment.

The exhibit features 7 different sections: Mountains, Coastal, Desert, and Central Valley regions, the power of fire and renewal, a behind-the-scenes look at capturing these images, and an overview of California's geographic regions - those diverse and delicately balanced ecosystems supporting spectacular explosions of nature’s color. Most importantly, these beautiful images address how climate change and other human impacts effect California's wildflowers.

Photo credit: Carson Pass, El Dorado National Forest by Rob Badger and Nita Winter. This exhibition by Rob Badger and Nita Winter originated at the San Francisco Public Library and is traveled by Exhibit Envoy.

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Arthropods in the Discovery Room

There are so many kinds of arthropods! Insects, spiders, crabs, centipedes, and shrimp are all examples of arthropods. Explore the ecology and biology of arthropods with hands-on activities in our Discovery Room.